Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worst commercial ever…

So when I say worst commercial ever, I mean this commercial promotes so many problems in our world. Let me walk you though this commercial.

Picture just about any somewhat cluttered living room. A mother is sitting on a couch with her feet up. You cannot see her face as the camera is positions right behind her. A maid is sweeping the room with a broom in simple clothing. Two teenage girls walk into the room and get “bratty” faces on as they tug at their perfectly acceptable clothing. They are each wearing nice jeans and decorated t-shirts. The mother then turns the TV to the home shopping network and “clicks” the remote. Each time she clicks the remote something changes. The room gets decorated a little more, the oldest daughter is now wearing a dress with jewelry and has her hair curled. The younger daughter is then dressed up and her hair is straightened and her outfit and jewelry are now “cool”. Lastly, the maid is “clicked” and she is dressed in jeans and a plain t-shirt and now is using a new vacuum to sweep the room.

Wow – The first message I got from the commercial is that regular clothing is not good enough. The second message I got from the commercial is that “even if we treat our maid like shit, she needs to look good enough and have good equipment so we look ok.” The third message I got was that money does not matter; you just have to click. On top of that, I learned that you could do all of this with no effort simple by staying on your couch.

I am not commenting further. Please make with this commercial what you will.

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