Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The "Boot Scoot"

I am sorry for the delay in blog updates. Over the last two weeks I have been focusing on one thing that has been stressing me out. I do not want my blog to turn into a rant out something I can’t change – so I decided not to blog until I had something positive to write about.

This past weekend I was able to go to my first ever “Boot Scoot.” Growing up in the north, this was an unheard of tradition. The evening started with some great Tex-Mex food and good conversation. Soon after dinner the music start. Things changed quickly. The tables emptied and the floor filled. My table was left with two others and me. We were talking and learned we were all from the north and had no idea what dance everyone was doing on the floor. We shared that thought that somehow we missed out on something because we grew up in the north. Everyone from age 20 to age 70 knew the dance and danced it well. After talking to some friends I learned that Boot Scoots and Two-Steps are normal in Texas.

Most of the evening I spent watching people of all ages spin around the floor and having an awesome time. When Dave and Karen rejoined the table Dave offered to teach me to Two Step. At first I was really nervous because it looked fast and complicated. He assured me it would be fine, and I cautiously got up to join him. As I left the table I made sure to tell his wife I would not intentionally break her husband toes. Dave explained the basics and off we went. It was actually not that bad. I looked at the floor for the first half the song, but by the end I was actually able to look at Dave while dancing. I quickly learned why evening, no matter the age, was enjoying the event.

Later that evening I had a flash back to a middle school dance. We all remember some point in our lives where we danced with someone and when the music stopped, one or both of you ran away. For me I always think back to my fifth grade sock hop when I danced with Brian Cook. To be honest, I do not even think I got to the end of the song. Well, I relived a middle school dance when Justin (not the Justin I work with) asked me to dance. The dance was good, I only stepped on his foot once, and he only lead me into other partners twice – but in all the dance was fun. As soon as the music stopped he turned and ran away. I promise you, when you are 25 it is even more awkward for this to happen than when you are 13. I stood there for a second and then went to talk to other people, all the time wishing that moment had just been taped. Even as I write this I know none of you will truly be able to appreciate the awkwardness of this moment. The gift that I received for this moment is that now I am no longer embarrassed for ending my dance with Brian Cook early (for real, I was 11 – that is a good enough excuse).

There was another amazing moment from the night. You all know the “Cotton Eye Joe” song. For me this song reminds me of sixth grade gym when one of the groups in class did their gymnastic routine to this song (I think it might have been Megan Rapp’s group). Now that memory will forever be replaced. Apparently at Texas A&M there is a dance that is mandatory for all students and alumni to learn and dance in unison together anytime this song comes on. It is actually really fun – but I was not expecting it. The song came on, and all of a sudden the dance floor turned into lines making spokes of a wheel. Every one began moving forward, then backward, then forward. Everyone was pivoting around the center of the room and having a blast. To make this even better, out of know where everyone started saying “Bull Shit” at specific points in the song. After the song ended I asked several people why they said “bull shit,” and the answer was always, “because you do.” I am not saying I wish I went to TAMU, but I do think I would have had a great time it I did.

So the “Boot Scoot” is the good thing I have to write about. The rest of my life is going well. I am working a lot – too much, and am amazed at how quickly the semester is going. I promise I will not let two weeks pass without another post. Although, then next several weeks will be CRAZY, so don’t expect too much.

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