Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a shout-out to some friends...


Today I had a conversation with a student that reminded me how lucky I was to find my best friends in college. Two friends in particular came into my life at perfect times and were able to experience some good, some bad, and some great things with me. The student I met with today has been experiencing some typical transition issues to college, but also some other personal and academic issues. I think back to my transition to college and how difficult the start of the second semester was. My first semester was a constant high. Everything was new and exciting, and I loved it all. As the second semester started I began to realize that the “newness” has died away and I was left with the life I had created in my new environment. I had met acquaintances, but had not built strong friendships or joined lasting organizations. This was the semester the homesickness set in.

Annie and Kelly at Homecoming

I made it through that year and worked hard my second year to build strong relationships and find things to be involved with. That is the year I met my two best friends from College. Kelly and I met through sorority rush, and ended up joining the same sorority. Katie and I met through the ride board, and ended up studying abroad together – then we were in the same sorority together. I hope for all my students that they are able to meet two equally amazing friends.

Katie and Annie in Vienna (Katie cutting my hair)

Thanks Kelly and Katie!


  1. So I actually muted my TV to read this because I was all excited and had to concentrate! I was all, "Oh my, a post about me! I'm like all famous on Annie's blog now!" (Ok, enough with the narcissism). But, thank you for the post. I feel really lucky to have met you in college too and I'm proud to call you my best friend!

  2. Annie! I haven't been up to date on my blog-reading because I have actually been working at work (I know, right?!)...but today I was thinking about you and decided I need to read your blog. And now I'm all watery-eyed at work because your post was so sweet! You are my college BFF, too. I don't think I would have made it through Hope without your friendship!! Can't wait to see you in just over a you!!