Sunday, August 9, 2009

It is hot...

Today was the first day the heat got to me; thankfully, I spent most of the day inside in the AC. At one point today the temperature read 50 degrees Celsius (about 122 degrees Fahrenheit). When I walked outside it was like being blown with a hot hair dryer. I really noticed it this evening when I was taking my driving lesson. Women cannot take driving tests during Ramadan, so I am trying to get all my classes done in time for me to take my test on the 19th. This evening’s lesson consisted of me sitting in a car with all my windows down so I could hear my instructor yell instructions at me. I have no idea why we were both not sitting in the nice air-conditioned car with the windows closed so we did not feel the windy heat. The wind blew through the windows heating my face like a sauna.  With the heat blowing in I practiced the L test over and over again. Essentially I turned up an incline and then came down and turned out – similar to pulling out of a driveway. I am not really learning anything, but I am doing what is necessary to get my driving license, and that is all that matters.

I have been told that the humidity will hit soon. So when it is 122 and humid I will let you all know if I have survived. 


  1. Wow Annie - and I thought I was busy trying to adjust to 97 degrees in North Carolina. I can't imagine adding another 25 degrees!

  2. I will now stop complaining about it being 85 and humid in Chicago!

  3. Hot is hot… so feel free to complain about 85 or 97.