Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don’t drink the green liquid…

I attended my first Iftar today in the lobby of the Carnegie-Mellon building. It was wonderful. There were a few hundred people at different tables, with 10 at my table. They were all very friendly and in a good mood. The food was great, with lots of options. While I am growing more adventurous with my food selections, I was not able to gain enough courage to eat the meet from the carcass of a small animal with a full skull and teeth (I think it was a lamb, but I am not sure). I did try a butter curry chicken that was great; however, nothing in it tasted like butter.

The only bad part of the meal that was the green drink. At the table we had water, but through the meal I was thirsty and wanted to try something different. There was a table at the front of the room with a few choices. One was a thick white liquid that possibly was dairy – so I steered clear. Another container held a frothy deep purple liquid, and a third contained a bright green drink. I was not sure what to try but thought the green drink might taste like cool aid. I filled my cup half way and took a big gulp. I am so proud of myself for not spitting it out onto the strangers standing filling their cups. The green liquid was quite similar to mint mouthwash with a small sugar after taste. It in doubt, don’t drink the green liquid.

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  1. Ha ha! All I could think of is one of those nasty organic spinach-based blenderized health smoothies that people here drink! Yuck!