Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Students are more similar than not…

This past week I have been preparing to train the CDA staff in Suicide Prevention and Intervention as part of the formal Gatekeeper program. I was a little nervous to see how this would go with predominantly Muslim students and students who did not grow up in the US. I was unsure how the cultural differences would affect how students’ view suicide and how they would approach the situation. I was surprised to learn my students here have the same fears and anxieties of the students I worked with in the US. It is hard for anyone to ask, “Are you considering killing yourself?” While there was some resistance, in the end my students were receptive to the training and did a wonderful job with the group role-play. I really feel like I accomplished something today. I think my staff is more comfortable and more confident with mental health issues and suicide. I know they are more capable of recognizing warning signs and behavioral/emotional cures and they are more prepared to intervene and talk with a student. I love the work I do!!!!!!!!

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