Thursday, September 3, 2009

A blah week…

So there has been some positive stuff this week, but mainly this was a boring week. I did do a lot of car shopping. I looked at SUVs and cars and made the choice that I wanted to be up higher and get more perks for my money. In the end I decided on the KIA sportage. Several people I know drive them and love them. I am waiting on bank approval, if all goes well I will get approved next week. When I actually own it, I will post a picture!

This week I have felt run down and have noticed a few other problems. Some of the issues I dealt with last year were coming back, including clumps of hair falling out. I know that it is the medications I take (I think I am taking the wrong dosage), but I do not yet have a health card. I tried to get my card every day, but got nowhere. My boss’s boss even tried and did not get anything. Eventually I went to a clinic and the doctor told me she couldn’t do anything; she could only refer me to an endocrinologist. I then took this referral to my HR office and by the end of the day they assured me my card was being printed and I would have it on Sunday (the next work day). I also spent time calling hospitals to try and get an appointment with an endocrinologist. The doctor I met with recommended one hospital and said it was the best and the others were just ok (she told me not to go to the American hospital – that is nothing like an American hospital). I called the first hospital and when I asked for an appointment with an endocrinologist I was told “We kind of have one of those, but he is on vacation for a month.” I am not sure what “kind of” means, either you do or you don’t have an endocrinologist. I then called hospital number two. I am not even kidding you – she is on vacation for the next month. Hospital number three did not event have an endocrinology department. I finally called clinic number 4 (not a hospital) – they never answered the phone. I gave up and will try again on Sunday. I am sure once people get back from vacation I will find a great doctor.

The bottom line is that even though I did not “do” that much this week, I am more run down than I have been since I moved here. I am hoping sleeping all weekend will re-energize me.

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