Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am packed and ready to go!

It is less than a week until the BIG MOVE! I am ready and waiting patiently. I have been in Ohio for over a month now (longer than I planned) and am ready to be working again and to settle into my new home. While here in Ohio I have been able to visit with family and friends and to paint the nursery for my new nephew (estimated date of arrival: October 3, 2009)! This break with family has confirmed that I am best suited to be a senior citizen and not a 20 something ---- I have become addicted to hand and foot (a game played by many at the senior center), and I really do enjoy hanging out with my grandparents (all four are amazing).  I am hoping working with peers will bring back my youth.

Stay tuned because this time next week you will be able to read my first update from Doha! 


  1. Hope your travels were safe! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures :)

  2. Hand and foot?! Why didn't I know that you played this when you were at Miami?!!! AUGH! lol We'll have to find a site to play online together :)...Victoria

  3. Thinking of you and miss you SO much!! You're in my thoughts and prayers as you start this new era in your life -- Cheers to you! :)