Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am 26!

My first birthday in Doha has come and gone. I have to admit it was a mixed day. Leading up to my birthday I was upset that I did not have a really close group of friends to celebrate with, and I was hoping the group of friends I have started to make in Doha would make the time to celebrate with me. As my birthday approached no one said anything, and I was not sure what the least pathetic way of brining up my birthday would be. As a kid it is fair game to talk about how you want to celebrate your birthday, as a college student it is assumed your sorority sisters will celebrate it with a night out, as an adult it is not that easy. Eventually I just emailed the people I wanted to celebrate my birthday with and asked if they were up for going to dinner.

It ended up being an amazing birthday! I went to dinner with are great group of friends at the Iraqi restaurant in the souq. It got even better when we went back to Timika and Rory’s for homemade cookie-cake (thank you Timika)! If that was not enough, the next day at work Timika brought in an American style birthday cake. To most of you that does not sound like a big deal – but it is really hard to find a simple birthday cake in Doha. Timika went above and beyond to make sure my birthday was special, and I am so grateful. Birthdays in another country can be really amazing, but they can also remind you how far away your family and best friends are.

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  1. Looks like fun :) Wish I had been there... and cookie cake! YUM!!!!