Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inky’s exit…

My time as a proud kitten owner has come to an end. I would love to say the memories will be good – but that would be ignoring a lot. Inky brought many things into my life. He brought more responsibility, a reason to leave the office, sometimes fun, fear of getting kicked out of my apartment because he was too loud, scars from scratch and bite marks, a dirty apartment, and finally ringworm.

While I was gone for Christmas Inky developed a habit of talking to himself, very loudly. He would spend the whole day meowing. When I returned this habit did not go away. I would spray him with water trying to “train” him not to meow so loudly, but it did not work. A few nights after returning I was visited by security and received an official warning that the cat was too loud. Over the last week, two of my neighbors had commented about it. He has gotten much better, but he still meows all morning from when I wake up (he wakes me up) and when I was getting ready in the morning. Clearly I was not paying enough attention to him while I showered.

Inky’s fascination with scratching me developed into an addiction to biting me. Just as the scratches on my arms and hands started to heal, he began biting my stomach and thighs. Initially it was not a big deal because his teeth were small. But he had some bigger teeth grow in – and he learned to grip and rip. A few times he broke skin and caused some gross bite marks. I tried spraying him to get him to stop but it did not work once he had started. Eventually I beat him at his own game. I realized that right before he would bite me his eyes would dilate – they were crazy! As soon as his eyes dilated I would spray him, even if he had not done anything wrong. It seemed to work somewhat.

Another amazing part of having Inky is that I learned ringworm is not a worm at all, but a fungus. I noticed a weird patch on Inky’s foot but did not think anything of it. I then noticed the mark changed into more of a cigarette burn and it also showed up on his ear. I began researching it and figured it was either ringworm or mange. I called the vet and was told it was likely ringworm, but they would diagnose it when I brought him in to get neutered.

This brings me to the next chapter of my Inky adventure. After learning that I was allergic to cats (this was the reason my eyes were irritated, I could not wear contact, and I had a bad headache for over a week) I started looking for a new home for Inky. I placed an ad on – not a good idea. I got about 25 calls and at least 15 emails. Most of these were from crazy people, or people lecturing me for wanting to neuter the cat (I offered to pay for it for the new owner, or to just have it done for them). I selected a man who said he was getting the cat for his three kids. I set up an appointment with the vet to get Inky checked out, start treatment for ringworm and to get him neutered. The guy said great, he would take him even though he could still spread ringworm. I had just left the vet and was getting gas in my car when my phone rang. It was the vet calling to tell me that yes Inky had ringworm, but he thought he could treat it easily. In addition he told me he could not neuter Inky because his testacies had not descended!!!!!!! Of course this kitten would have testicles that are delayed in dropping. The procedure to retrieve them would be painful and expensive. The vet recommended I wait a month or so to see if an improved diet and time would help him to mature and allow them to drop. I was not waiting a month to get rid of this cat, but I also did not want to hurt him. I emailed the potential owner and he still agreed to take him, if I paid for the cat to get neutered when it was ready – DEAL! That night I had given him two options of places to meet. I did not want him to come to my apartment and I did not want to go somewhere of his choosing. I gave him the option of meeting in front of my security gate, or in the high traffic area by the main shopping center. He insisted on coming to my apartment and did not want the kitten unless he came and saw it at my apartment… um NO.

I called plan B. A man who also had a family and was willing to take the kitten as is. I still offered to pay for the neutering and made plans to meet him a few nights later. It came time to meet him and guess what… he was a no show… Fast forward over a week – everyone who expressed interest in Inky said no once they found out he had ringworm. I was at my end and was about to put him on the street. (the pound burned down a few months ago and does not take any animals in) I decided to post Inky one more time. In the add I said free kitten, plus everything you would need to care for the kitten for two months, but you have to come get him tonight or he is going on the street. I got a call! Youseff agreed to meet me at the security gate at my work right away. An hour later I was cat free! Life is good.

There are things I will miss about Inky… but I am excited to get to wear contacts again.

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